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What is DynaScatter Laser?

Integrated Technology with Small Laser Optics, Optimized Reagents, and New Analysis Algorithms.

DynaScatter Laser optical technology analyzes and differentiates WBCs in near-native state.

The innovative 3 angle scatter detector provides better detection of WBCs using precise light scattering measurement. We obtain WBC size information from a small forward angle (FSS), information of cell structure and complexity of nucleo-chromatin particles from a large forward angle (FLS), and internal granularity and globularity information from the side angle (SDS).

This 3D graphic information is calculated by the exclusive Nihon Kohden software algorithm.

DynaScatter Laser

DynaScatter Laser is installed in CelltacG (MEK-9100)

DynaHelix Flow is installed on CelltacG (MEK-9100)

Complete hematology platform offering:

  • Up to 90 samples per hour
  • 33 parameters
  • Micro sampling capability
  • Continuous loading of samples via a rack fed system with up to 7 racks of 10 tubes
  • STAT/manual sample analysis
  • Laser scatter and flow cytometry technology
  • Built-in rocking mixing
  • Smart ColoRac Match system
  • Integrated validation station with touch screen
  • Reagent and control management with barcodes

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